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How to make your partners change - and get with your new program

Posted by Jack Bostelman on Jul 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

“How to Accomplish Change in a Law Firm - and Make Those Efficiency Improvements Happen”

July 28, 2016 - 12:00 Noon, Eastern (30 minutes) - Free webinar

Have you wondered why it's so hard to accomplish change - even modest change - in a law firm? Or to get individual lawyers to follow through on their commitments? This program will explain:

  • Why law firms can be change-resistant environments
  • How behavioral science can explain why this is so, as well as inspire specific workplace techniques for overcoming lawyer resistance
  • How these strategies can be applied to promote efficiency and other knowledge strategy improvements

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Why don't your partners do what's asked of them?

Every managing partner has been frustrated by their partners' unwillingness to cooperate with a leadership initiative. It was such a reasonable idea. Why wouldn't they help? Why did some even make their opposition visible in an attempt to undermine the plan? Don't they understand the firm needs to progress to survive?

Insights about why can lead to tactics for overcoming resistance

The upcoming free ABA 30-minute webinar brings insights into lawyer personalities from two professionals who analyze lawyers for a living. You already know lawyers can be difficult to manage. It's like herding birds. On July 28, you can learn from behavioral science why this is so.

Noted behavioral psychologist and former lawyer Dr. Larry Richard will explain how the special personality traits of lawyers - which differ in several respects from those of the average business person - are the root cause of these difficulties. Dr. Richard will also describe practical techniques to overcome these traits in the law firm context. Respected change consultant and coach Anne Collier, also a former lawyer, will describe ways to communicate with your partners that avoid tripping over the personality traits. She will offer practical guidance about how to make your points and what not to say. Further details may be found here.

This webinar will explain why most lawyers really can't help acting the way they do - they're hard-wired that way. Understanding what's behind their behavior, though, leads to techniques for overcomeing resistance. The insights from this webinar can be applied in a wide variety of situations, ranging from a new strategic initiative for the Firm to requests being made of individual partners.


Registration is encouraged even for those with a conflict on this date, because a link to the recording and the slides will be e-mailed to all registrants. Register here, or use the link in the sidebar.

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Jack Bostelman is the president and principal consultant of KM/JD Consulting LLC. Before founding KM/JD Consulting, Jack practiced law in New York for 30 years as a partner of pre-eminent AmLaw 20 firm Sullivan & Cromwell.


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Before founding KM/JD Consulting LLC, Jack practiced law in New York for 30 years as a partner of pre-eminent AmLaw 20 firm Sullivan & Cromwell.

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